5 Analogue Inputs: 0-5 V, 0-20 mA, thermistors or dry contact inputs
  4 Analogue Outputs: 0-10 V
  7 Digital Inputs: dry contact or TTL
  7 Digital Outputs
  Re-programmable - allows user defined firmware
  Inputs protected from transients, over-voltages and miswiring - avoids burning out circuits
  DIN-rail mounting for cost-effective installation

The EC230 module incorporates 23 channels of analogue and digital I/O, all controlled by the advanced Neuron control and communications chip. The I/O of the EC230 makes it perfect for a variety of equipment control applications and with its wide temperature range, -25 to 85C, makes it well suited for indoor or outdoor use.
The 12 bit resolution, analogue inputs can be configured in a variety of ways, such as interfacing with resistive type sensors for temperature measurement, measure voltage for humidity or transducer readings or input current for pressure measurement. The analogue inputs can also be used to read digital inputs and dry contacts.
The 10 bit resolution analogue outputs can be used to control damper positions, valves or other variable position or speed devices.
The digital inputs can be used for a variety of functions such as alarms, switch inputs, occupancy sensor inputs, or any other digital I/O function.
The relay outputs can be used to control HVAC outputs, small motors, valves, alarm outputs, lights, or other loads where the current does not exceed 1A at 24Vac.
The EC230 module is protected from reverse power supply input wiring, over-voltages, transients, and other common events which can damage unprotected inputs and outputs. User-defined algorithms and functions can be programmed for the module using third-party LonWorks programming tools such as VisualControl. The program is stored in non-volatile memory, so it is retained even after loss of power.
The enclosure snaps right onto a 35 mm DIN-rail for quick and easy mounting and its spring-loaded latching mechanism makes it easy to remove  EC230

 Voltage range    15-28Vac or 21-40Vdc
 Operating Current Typical    40 mA (no outputs on)
 Maximum    60mA
 Protection circuitry    Internal resettable fuse (activates at 40Vrms)
 Analogue Input Circuits    Five types (user configurable)
     0-5 Volts
     0-10 Volts
     0-20 mA Current
     Resistive sensors
     Dry contacts (e.g. switches), or TTL compatible inputs
 Resolution    12-bit (no missing codes)
 Max error at 25C   
 0-5 Volts    2 LSB 0.45%
 0-10 Volts    2 LSB 5.45% (200ppm/C)
 0-20mA Current    2 LSB 1.45% (100ppm/C)
 Resistive sensors    2 LSB 1.00% (100ppm/C)
 Analog Output Circuits   
 Output Range    0-10 Volts
 Max error @ 25C    50mV 0.75%
 Temperature Drift    0.15V/C 140 ppm/C
 Resolution    10-bit
 Max Current Output: Voltage Outputs    16 mA
 Digital Inputs    0-5V
 Relay Outputs    7
 Max Current Output    1A @ 24Vdc resistive load
 Max Voltage    60Vpeak
 Temperature (Operating)    -25 to 70C (inside enclosure)
 (Non-operating)    -40 to +85C
 Humidity (Operating)    25-90% Relative Humidity @ 25C (non-condensing)
 (Non-operating)    0-95% (non-condensing)
 Dimensions    105mm x 86mm x 60mm
 Mounting    DIN Rail

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