Liberty Control Networks secures order for a prison control system from South Africa

Liberty Control Networks secured a 150,000 order for a prison cell, door control system for South Africa, which is exclusively based on LonWorks. Liberty distributes products from Raytheon, Smart Controls, VisualControl, Coactive Networks, Gesytec, SysMik, Elpas and Newron and the order involves products from five of these companies.
The system sold by Liberty involved the fitting of 500 intelligent door control modules from Smart Controls into pneumatically operated cell doors allowing them to be remotely controlled, as well as providing positional feedback and control of an audio channel.

A dozen remote control panels were constructed each using a total of 95 32-channel (16 in & 16 out) nodes from Gesytec. Here, illuminated press buttons are used to open/close doors and initiate communication with the cell and to provide status feedback. Each panel also has an RF tag based identification system with a keypad enabling guards to identify themselves before the panel becomes operational.

Several Wonderware SCADA stations are available to monitor events in the prison as well as to issue security codes, which are downloaded into the identification nodes.
SmartClocks manufactured by Smart Controls are strategically placed around the prison providing accurate, synchronised displays of time as well as the ability to time stamp all activities.

Network topology involves a free topology backbone connected via 25 SysMik intelligent routers to free topology sub-nets running at 78Kbps.

Network installation & management is accomplished with NL220, an LNS (LonWorks Network Services) based software tool developed by Newron. This Windows95/NT based product allows nodes to be easily installed and logical connections made between them.
The special applications running in all of the nodes are written using VisualControl. This allows the client to develop code using IEC1131-3 compliant functional blocks as well as in Neuron C.

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