Liberty sells and supports a complimentary range of LonWorks compatible hardware and software.
Some of the biggest names in the industry have chosen Liberty as their channel to market and between us, we are able to provide just about anything a LonWorks developer, integrator or user may want. If you can't find what you want, we may even add it to our range so let us know

Buy with Confidence   

With a reputation for honesty and keeping to promises, you can be confident that, by placing your business with Liberty, you will not be let down. Simply visit the LonWorks Store, find the item you want in our fully searchable database and email us with your requirements.
From building management systems to petrol forecourt automation, from individual smart homes to the largest shopping malls, there aren't many applications that can't benefit from some of the products that can be found here.
In short...Liberty provides LonWorks products that don't come back...to customers that do!   



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